My Turn

Wout Conijn creates a masterly, humorous and moving self-portrait.
– Jan Pieter Ekker in the Volkskrant
Conijn uses a sense of perspective and well-chosen edits to make an irresistible film. My Turn is a flawless film-challenge to an older brother who always seems to know better. The scenes with the two brothers are almost scarily perfect and then one realises that Wout started collecting a long time ago.
– Bas Blokker in NRC Handelsblad
…the documentary project by Wout Conijn is a breath of fresh air with its inventiveness and originality. An impressive debut.
– Belinda van de Graaf, Trouw
A succesfull person documentation.
– Job van der Burg, Parool
Wout Conijn has made a challenging and extraordinary selfportrait with clever editing that seeks to heighten the film’s claustrofobia.
–  Mariska Graveland, Filmkrant
With a fresh approach combining wit and irony, My Turn is an universal story.
– André Waardenburg, Skrien


Wout is a competition cyclist, a mountain climber, and a student at the film academy; Joost is an artist with a substantial track record. This film tells the story of their difficult relationship, seen from the perspective of the younger brother, who is not afraid to dish up a good share of self-mockery. “My brother thinks that once in a lifetime, everyone should take apart an engine block,” we hear him say in the voiceover. Next, we see Wout grapple with a towel and a pile of engine parts, while his older brother irritably lectures him from a distance. When Wout scales the slopes of the Himalayas with his camera, he comes to the point of making an important decision about his life.

Original title
En nu ik
Running time
32 mins
BetaSP / DigiBeta
Screen Ratio
Dutch, English
English, French
Dolby 5.1
Year of release

Wout Conijn
Karel May
Wout Conijn
Director of Photography
Gerko Jonker, Pierre Rezus, Wout Conijn
Sound Engineer
Bouk Bouwmeester
Sound Design
Bouk Bouwmeester
Rini van den Bergh, Wout Conijn
Dutch broadcaster
Commissioning editor
Jelle Peter de Ruiter

Afrika fietsenat 8.000 metresWout op vliegtuigScreen Shot 2013-07-28 at 22.28.28